As a practicing dentist, you are in a unique position if you are a solo practitioner because you are in charge of not only serving clients’ dental needs, but you are also a business owner. You’re in charge of your own marketing and driving business growth. 

One of the easiest, cheapest, and yet effective marketing initiatives is a monthly email newsletter.

Here are a few stats to back up that claim:

Email marketing shows an ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. Another study shows 72% of people prefer email as their ideal way of receiving promotional content compared to 17% who prefer social media for this purpose. One more stat shows 53% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

Essentially, people prefer email as a way to market to them. This being the case, take advantage of it! What should you be including in your marketing newsletter?

You should be aiming for high engagement

The reason is because the more an email is engaged with, the higher the likelihood that your future emails will be opened. The more you resonate with your audience the greater the chance you’ll reach your marketing goals.

Higher engagement leads to a higher open rate, a higher click rate, which means that your audience will continue to see your name and and trust you as an authority on the content matter. 

So how do you reach a high engagement rate?

Get inside the mind of your target market

Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are trying to attract. What type of content would they want to see? How do you know they want to see it? Have you asked them? Sometimes what we think our clients are interested in, is actually quite different than what they are actually interested in.

If the content you are putting in front of your audience is actually something they want to read, you will see the open and click-through rates increase over time. These are the two metrics you want to measure.

Ask your current clients what they want to know!

Perhaps a survey is in order. Ask your current clients what content they will find valuable. If you can nail down your current clients’ interests, then you can use that content to reach other people who fit the profile of your target market.

Personalize your content

I have a friend who is a realtor. He sends me his monthly newsletter. When I get his newsletter, two things instantly cross my mind. First, I think, “I wonder what he has been up to.” and I go immediately to the section titled “On a Personal Note” where he shares stories and photos of what he and his family have been doing together over the past month.

Generally, people care about people more than they care about an industry. They will care more about the trip you took to Disney World with your kids than the newest innovation in dental technology.

It’s a balance

The second thing I think when I receive my realtor friend’s newsletter is: “What’s new in the local housing market I should be aware of?”

As a friend of his, I genuinely care about him as a person and I’m curious what he and his family has been up to. 

As a home owner, I also care about the local housing industry. Sometimes he includes things about the overall housing industry, or just unrelated fun facts or trivia. Honestly, I don’t really care about those things. I’m not reading his newsletter as a form of entertainment. I’m reading it because a) I care about him and his family, and b) I care about the local housing industry because it affects me.

Be intentional in your content about the type of content your reader cares about. Know that they care about you as a person. Include content that covers that. Then cover content that relates to their oral health because that affects them. Strike that balance and you’ll have a high engagement rate that will put you on the right track to meeting your email marketing goals.