Statistics show 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first 30 days. We are about to tell you the secret for keeping your New Year’s resolutions. 

Don’t wait until New Year’s Day. Start today.

You heard it right. It’s December 27 and our suggestion to you is to begin your New Year’s resolutions today. That may seem odd. But think of it this way, there’s nothing magical about New Year’s Day. It’s not the day that prompts a change in lifestyle, it’s the mentality.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO has what he calls a “Day 1” mentality. He applies that not only to his personal life but also to his professional life at Amazon.

You know that feeling of excitement and motivation you have for starting your New Year’s resolutions? It’s easier to find motivation for the starting point. The thought of how this change will impact your life in a positive way makes the starting point exciting. But the journey doesn’t end on day 1, the journey is a long one, and as the journey continues, the initial excitement begins to fade. The challenge is maintaining motivation when the excitement is no longer there.

The Day 1 mentality means that each and every day is “Day 1”. Every day is New Year’s Day. Today, as it relates to accomplishing your goals, can be New Year’s Day. Sure you made it to the gym yesterday, but what about today? Yes, you carved out time for your family last week, but what about this week? You were productive at work on Monday, but what about Tuesday?

Day 1 people are go-getters. They have a goal and understand how to spend their time efficiently to reach it. They live with intentionality, purpose, and the ability to prioritize their time wisely. Most importantly, they have the ability to find motivation beyond the starting point.

Lastly, the way to keep your New Year’s resolutions in tact is to not allow failure to break you. World renown actor Will Smith says not only should we not allow failure to break us, but we should be seeking it if we can use it to “fail forward”. It is at the brink of failure when our bodies learn how to adapt. It is in the process of failing we can learn how to be stronger. The lessons we learn from failure allow us to come back with a higher chance of success. Failure is a sign, an indicator that you are not playing it safe, but you are pushing yourself to the brink. Whatever it is you are setting out to do, use failure as a means to motivate you knowing success is that much closer because you failed. 

Here’s to accomplishing your goals in 2019. We wish you a Happy New Year!