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Building a New Dental Office | Cost Segregation Analysis

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Building a New Dental Office, or Renovating an Existing One?

Our cost segregation studies have saved dentists thousands during their construction projects. We offer advanced tax planning and strategies aimed at minimizing your tax obligations during a construction project.

What Is Cost Segregation?

A Cost Segregation Analysis is an important tool to maximize your tax savings and help you effectively recover costs associated with your construction project.  The financial rewards of cost segregation analysis are reduced taxes and increased cash flow.  You may benefit from performing a cost segregation analysis on your dental office improvement.


  • Maximize tax savings
  • Increase cash flow
  • Allocate tax obligations as personal property & real property
  • Differentiate costs by state and local codes versus IRS regulations

Our Expert Accountants Will:

  • Examine the construction details for your practice.
  • Separate the various costs into appropriate asset classes.
  • Coordinate with contractors and architects to ensure that all of your change orders, purchases and costs have been properly allocated.
  • Strategically break out your improvement costs to maximize your tax savings.

We know that your dental office design is a fun project and reflects the personality of you and your practice. Despite this being a fun time in your dental practice, it can also be a costly. We are here to help ensure you are maximizing savings opportunities through careful planning and proper accounting during this construction process.  You may benefit from performing a cost segregation analysis on your dental office improvement!

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Cost segregation studies can save you money through advanced tax planning strategies during your construction project.

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You aren’t in this alone! Allow us to help reduce the stress of a new dental building construction project by helping you make sound financial decisions along the way.