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summit hiking financial accounting and planning Tax and Accounting Guidance Helping Dentists and Business Owners Reach Their Summit Through Customized Business Accounting and Personalized Financial Planning Learn More How does it affect you? What about your business? TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT GUIDE Learn More We partner with dentists all over the country to help
meet their tax, accounting and business planning needs
to enable them to bring their practice to the next level.
You're at point A. Our expertise is in getting you to B.
What does B look like to you?

Business Advisory

With over 20 years of helping business owners, we have built up a reputation for expertise and excellence in the accounting industry.

100% guaranteed

Decades of experience serving our clients has helped us build a high reputation in our community. As such, we fully stand by our service and commitment to you.

Business Transitions

Looking to buy / sell a business? We have an array of specialists on staff who can assist!

Dental Accounting

We focus on full-service accounting and financial solutions to fit your practice’s needs. In addition, we provide five-star customer service to assist you and your practice on a daily basis.

Tax Preparation, Consulting & Planning

Tax preparation goes far beyond submitting your 1040. We understand the importance of preparing your taxes and do so through careful planning techniques and consulting with you so we can identify potential tax-saving opportunities.

Exceptional Service

What sets us apart is not only our expertise in the tax and accounting industry, but the level and quality of service we provide to our clients.

Contact us for a free consultation!

Tax and Accounting for Business Owners

We team up with you to provide you tax and accounting services with a
consulting-first approach. Learn about what makes us different.

Dental Accounting

We are proud to provide customized dental accounting solutions specifically tailored to clients in the dental industry.

Feeling Non-Essential?

Feeling Non-Essential?

14.04.2020 / by editor / 0 comments

Much of the focus throughout this pandemic has been on the essential workers, and rightfully so. They are on the front lines, going to work every single day to provide the types of jobs necessary to keep all of us…


Thank you for stopping by our website! We would welcome the chance to gain a better understanding of how we might assist you with your tax and accounting needs. Check out this video to learn more about why we do what we do!

In addition to our tax and accounting services, we also provide customized financial planning, advisory, wealth management and retirement planning services through our parent company, Summit Wealth Group. Learn more here!