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Portal Help

To access your online portal, please use the following steps:

  1. Visit
  2. In the upper-right hand corner, select ‘Summit S.O.S.’ under ‘Client Logins’
  3. Use your login and the password is the first four letters of the taxpayer’s last name (all UPPERCASE) and the last four numbers of the tax payer’s social security number (ex. ABCD1234) (Note—both the login and password are case sensitive).
  4. Once you are logged in to the portal, please select, ‘Document Presentation’ followed by the folder labeled with your name.
  5. To proceed, please select the folder that corresponds to the particular document you are hoping to view.

Utilizing ‘File Exchange’:

  1. After using the steps above to login to your portal, under the ‘Documents’ section on the left side of your screen, select ‘File Exchange’.
  2. Select desired folder for uploading documents.
  3. Once folder is open, select ‘Upload’.
  4. There will be an ‘Upload’ pop-up. Select ‘Add Files’ at the bottom left corner of the pop-up.
  5. Once selected, another pop-up will allow you to select the desired files to be uploaded, select ‘Start Upload’.
  6. Documents are now uploaded and transmitted.