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Dental Accounting

Helping Dentists Succeed

With over 30 years of experience serving dentists, we know the industry inside and out.

Dental-Specific Accounting

We speak your language. This means the data we analyze and recommendations we make are not generic, they are specific to the dental industry, and customized to your practice.

Advisory Services

While bookkeeping and tax preparation are services we offer, our primary focus is on our advisory engagements. We want to see our dental clients succeed in their practice and to do that, we believe it is imperative that we go beyond the data to make recommendations that have proven results in the dental industry.

No Invoices

We set our clients up on an ongoing monthly fee-for-service arrangement so you pay only for the services you use and nothing more. This means you never have to feel like you are “on the clock” when you pick up the phone to talk with one of our accountants or advisors.


Our team is comprised of subject-matter experts which allows us to offer a true comprehensive approach. When you sign on with Summit, you will have access to professionals in each of the complex areas of tax, accounting, and finance. We believe this is one of the most critical aspects that sets Summit apart.

Internal Valuation

We help you understand where your practice can improve by providing you with dental industry-specific benchmarks and key performance indicators so you can compare your practice with the industry standard. Dentists that go through this process say it is game changer.

Why Dentists Choose Summit Accounting Solutions


Bryce Williams, DDS, PC, FACS

Oral Surgeon

“Summit has been a trusted partner in my business, guiding me with investments, bookkeeping, payroll and taxes. I’ve found them efficient in putting money away in a college fund and helping me save for the future by giving me a clear plan for retirement. I’m so grateful to work with their team.”

dr-patel (1)

Sanjay N. Patel, DMD


“My wife and I have worked with the professional team at Summit Accounting Solutions for more than 10 years now for both my dental practice and our personal needs. The accounting professionals are some of the best I have worked with in my career. They are over the top when it comes to my dental practice needs including payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax returns.

The entire staff at Summit Accounting Solutions has been outstanding. They are very easy to communicate with, and quick to respond back with your needs and requests. They truly are there to help and guide you and your family with expert business and financial advice.”

dental work
Dental Accounting Services

Our expertise in the dental industry sets us apart from the average accounting firm when it comes to your dental practice.

business meeting
Personal Financial Planning

Through our parent company, Summit Wealth Group, we are able to provide financial services, custom tailored to your individual needs.

dental partnership agreement denver colorado
Dental Practice Consulting

Dental practice consulting involves providing you with the business and financial tools necessary to set you up for success. This allows you to focus on what you do best, dentistry!

buy sell agreement
Dental Practice Transitions

Our team and strategic partners can guide you through the many tax, legal and financial obstacles you may face as you seek to buy or sell a dental practice. We are your local trusted advisors.

Fraud Risk Assessment

Our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) on staff have extensive experience within the dental industry and can help you prevent and stop fraud from happening at your practice.

dentist team
Buying a Dental Practice

Purchasing a dental practice can be overwhelming. We know the process well and can help you through it by performing due diligence studies to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

construction plans
Building a New Dental Office

Construction, whether it be a new building project or renovating an existing structure, can be costly for dental practices. Allow us to take the guess work out of it and save you thousands through our advanced planning and tax savings techniques.