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COVID-19 Prevention Measures at the Summit Lone Tree Office

If you are planning a trip to Summit Accounting Solutions’ headquarters in Lone Tree, Colorado in 2020, please note some additional safety measures that we have implemented to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for helping us do our part to keep the health and safety of our team and clients a priority.


Masks will be available for anyone entering our office upon request. At this point we are not requiring the use of masks, but do strongly encourage wearing them. This is also being encouraged amongst our staff.

Social Distancing

All team members are staying 6 ft apart from each other and following government health recommendations. We also encourage all meetings to occur virtually, both with clients and fellow team members. At this time we are refraining from handshakes as well.


We encourage every guest to call ahead of time so we can make sure we take the appropriate steps to prepare for your arrival.


Our office is cleaned nightly and each team member sanitizes their station prior to leaving and maintains recommended hygiene protocols throughout the day. The cleanliness of our office environment is a top priority.

Other Important Information

At this time, our office doors remain locked to visitors. If you have a prescheduled visit arranged to our Lone Tree office, we will let you in upon arrival! If you do not have a prescheduled visit, please call upon arrival.