Dentists, are you looking to boost revenues before the end of the year?

If you haven’t heard, social media ad targeting is about the cheapest form of advertising you can do, particularly on Facebook. Depending on your setup, you’ll often find your results to be somewhere around 2 to 3 cents per reach. And with advanced targeting methods, for $20 you can reach hundreds, if not thousands of people in your community with your intended message.

If you have someone on staff at your practice who knows their away around social media and technology, a quick Youtube tutorial and you’ll be on your way to getting this going. It really is not as complicated as you might think.

A few examples of parameters you might think about placing on the advertisement would first be location. Set the ad to only deliver within a 10-25 mile radius of your city. Then you might think about a certain demographic. Perhaps you own a pediatric a pediatric. You can actually target parents with children at a certain age. See the photo for an example. The possibilities are endless with the number of targeting methods.

With cheap advertising and specific placement, it gets you thinking about what type of message you’d want your targeted audience to receive from you.

If you are looking to boost revenues before year-end, you might consider a message to encourage your audience to think about spending down their Flexible Spending Accounts!

People inside the dental community often assume that the general public is aware they can use their FSAs for dental related expenses. That’s a mistake, and one that can be capitalized on by those who are proactive about making their patients aware.

We suggest using the remainder of the year to print signs for your office, run a facebook ad and perhaps send out a mass email to your patient-base to make them aware! Doing so should encourage current patients to think about what they may need before year-end, and perhaps bring in new patients or referrals!

FSAs are “use it or lose it”, often by the end of the calendar year. Now is the time to capitalize on the sense of urgency people may be feeling!